GQT Movies Announces Safety Plan and Expected Opening Dates

GQT Movies Announces Safety Plan and Expected Opening Dates

GQT Movies Announces Safety Plan and Expected Opening Dates

Plan includes the 3 Ss of Safe Distancing, Sanitizing, and Safely Following Guidelines

Grand Rapids, MI, July 28, 2020: The NEW GQT Movies is excited to be reopening in your hometown and has announced their plan for keeping you safe on your next trip to the theater.   After weeks of studying best practices for retail establishments, reviewing the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) recommendations, and reviewing state and municipal guidelines for theaters, we have crafted our plan for the safety of our valued movie guests.  We refer to it as our 3Ss Plan and here it is:



-         We will have signs in front of our facilities helping guests know our requirements

-         We will have capacity restrictions for each auditorium designed for safe distancing

-         We will enforce a minimum of three seats spacing between groups for safe distancing

-         We will place social distancing decals on the floor at the concession and box office lines

-         We will have shields at customer interface areas such as concessions and ticket booth

-         We will provide sanitizing stations for your convenience in our lobbies and restrooms

-         We will use an electrostatic sanitizing machine to sanitize broad areas such as seats

-         We will allow extra time between movies in order to properly sanitize the auditoriums

FOR OUR EMPLOYEES (cast members)

-         We will wear masks or face shields 

-         We will conduct a wellness check including a questionnaire and the taking of temperatures

-         We will require frequent hand washing and sanitizing between touch points

-         We will have specific protocols on serving concessions  for the protection of our guests



-         We ask that guests that are sick not enter and return another time when feeling well

-         We ask that our guests follow our 3Ss plan:

            Social distance

            Sanitize and wash hands

            Safely follow recommendations

-         Masks will be required in common areas such as lobby, hallways, and concession areas

-         Guests will social distance themselves from another group by leaving three seats between

-         Guests will need to come to the concession counter for refills and retrieve a new drink cup or tub for popcorn to avoid re-use of those items


Although several of the planned releases have been pulled and rescheduled into 2021, we at GQT Movies are committed to bringing entertainment back to the public as soon as possible.   Here is a list of target opening dates.    


TARGET RE-OPENING DATES UPDATED 8/5/2020 (all dates subject to change)

State                                 Open Date                       Theater/City

MICHIGAN                         8/7/2020                        Cadillac 4, Cadillac, MI

                                            TBD                            All other lower MI sites on hold until state allows theaters to re-open



INDIANA                               OPEN                           Huntington Drive-in                         

                                          8/07/2020                     Eastside 10 IMAX, Lafayette

                                          8/14/2020                    Wabash Landing 9, West Lafayette

                                         8/21/2020                     Lafayette 7, Lafayette

                                          8/21/2020                     Brownsburg 8, Brownsburg

                                         8/21/2020                      Huntington 7, Huntington

                                          8/21/2020                     Lebanon 7, Lebanon


ILLINOIS                            7/31/2020                      Willow Knolls 14, Peoria


MISSOURI                           8/14/2020                     Forum 8, Columbia, MO

                                          8/14/2020                     Capital 8, Jefferson City, MO


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