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What do I get with GQT Rewards™?

  • Get 30% off any concession item between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, excluding alcohol. (not offered at Huntington Twin Drive-in)
  • Get 15% off any concession item all other times, excluding alcohol. (not offered at Huntington Twin Drive-in)
  • Get a FREE Small Popcorn added to your account when you sign up with a valid email address (available the next day).
  • Earn 100 points for every dollar you spend on tickets or concessions at Goodrich Quality Theaters (max 15,000 points per day).
  • Redeem FREE concession items and movies with your points.
  • Redeem a Golden Gift Card, a $25 gift card with your points, and use it for free tickets or concessions.
  • Membership Anniversary offer — We will send you an email annually containing a Free Popcorn.
  • Birthday offer — We will email you a Free Popcorn on your birthday that is valid for 30 days.
  • Free admission up to 6 people to the GQT Mornings "spring," summer" and "fall" series
  • Custom email offers and more!


GQT Rewards™ Rules

GQT Rewards™ is free to join for those 13 or over. You can join by signing up online, Goodrich mobile app, or at any Goodrich Quality Theaters location with a cashier. 

To earn points, your GQT Rewards™ card ore credentials must be presented before purchasing your tickets or concessions. No points will be added at any time other than when presented at the time of a purchase. Should you not present yourself as an GQT Rewards™ member, points for that visit will be unavailable.

Members earn 100 points for every dollar spent on tickets and/or concessions, with a limit of 15,000 points per day. Points are NOT earned on purchases of gift cards, alcohol, party rooms or theater rentals. You will earn points if you are purchasing tickets or concessions with a gift card.

See the points redemption menu on this page for a list of items to spend your points on.

Points have a life of two years, if points have not been used in two years, they will fall off and expire. As you spend points, first earned points will be first burned points.

To be eligible to receive birthday and anniversary rewards and other awesome offers, you must be subscribed to email and have had transacted in the last two years.

GQT Rewards™ FAQs:

Will my points expire?

After 2 years, points will be deducted from your account as they expire. For example: Points earned on June 1, 2017 will expire June 1, 2019.  But as you spend points, you will spend points as first earned, first burned.

Why do I get an error when I try to reset my password? 

If you get an error after your type your email address and submit in the Forgot Your Password section, it may be because you have 2 accounts that are tied to the same email address.  Please contact us using the feedback form, choose GQT Rewards as the reason and describe your problem and we can assist with this. 

I didn't receive my Free Birthday or Free Anniversary offer via email?

In order to receive these rewards, you must have transacted in the last two years and be subscribed to email. Be sure you have not opted out of the Email preference that says “Do not send me special offers, birthday and anniversary rewards and more.” If that IS checked, you will not received your free welcome popcorn, your birthday popcorn, membership anniversary popcorn or any other special promotions and offers. To verify your account settings, Log-in and and click "Edit" on the right hand side of your membership page. Click "Save Changes." 

What items can’t I earn points on?

You do not earn points on alcohol, internet service fees, theater rentals, or birthday parties. You do not earn points on purchasing gift cards, but you can earn points by paying for items with gift cards.  

How will I know about promotions and special events?

Do check your email. We will notify you via email concerning promotions, special events, birthday rewards, membership anniversary rewards, membership only screenings, etc.

 Wait, I am not sure you have my birthdate. How do I know you do?

Log-in and and click "Edit" on the right hand side of your membership page. Fill out the Birthday field to ensure we have your birthdate. Be sure you have not opted out of the Email preference that says “Do not send me special offers, birthday and anniversary rewards and more.” If that IS checked, you will not received your free welcome popcorn, your birthday popcorn, membership anniversary popcorn or any other special promotions and offers.  Click "Save Changes."

How will points be added to my account?

Points are added immediately at the point of sale, kiosk or for online purchases. For certain bonus point promotions via email, we may send out a "watch a trailer and earn points" campaign. Trailer campaigns may take about 1 week to add points, be sure to read the fine print in the email, we include the dates we will add the points. The point transaction will not show up in your member history as a separate line item, however, your point balance will reflect points added.

Do I earn points when purchasing advance tickets online?

Yes!  It’s simple to earn points online at www.gqtmovies.com. After you’ve entered your payment information, all you have to do is click "Sign-in" before you purchase the quantity of tickets. The "Sign-in" link is located above the ticket types you wish to purchase. You do not earn points on the internet service fees.   

Do I earn points when purchasing advance tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets?

Yes! You can earn GQT Rewards™ points when purchasing tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets. You will have to enter your card number.

How can I see my current point totals?

The easiest way to see your account is through our Mobile App. Sign-in in with your email address and password. You can also login to our GQT Rewards™ portal to view your point balance, rewards, messages, account information and purchase history. You will have the ability to change your contact information, subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter, select a preferred theater location, and/or change your user ID and password.

I’ve lost my card! Now what?

We do have Mobile App where you can sign into your account and have your phone scanned. No need for a card! However, if you would like a card please contact and/or stop by your local theater to receive a replacement card and ask for a manager.  

What kind of personal information is required to sign-up for GQT Rewards™?

Your first and last name, email address, birth date, zip code and phone number are required.

Can I transfer the points to someone else? I would like to gift my friend all of my points.

Sorry, points are non-transferable unless it is the same person with 2 accounts. We can merge two accounts together if it is the same person, but different email addresses.

You haven’t answered my question!

We are sorry! Please fill out a comment card at the theater or submit to our online feedback form at /contactus/  A representative from Goodrich Quality Theaters will get back to you as soon as possible.

If I already have an FMG card will I automatically receive the new GQT card and will my FMG points be transferred over?

While you won’t automatically get a new physical card, you can request one the next time you are at the theater and they will swap out your old card and transfer your points.

Redeem these items with your points:

Small Drink
Small Freeze
Medium Drink
Aquafina Water
Medium Freeze
Large Drink
Mini Popcorn
Small Popcorn
Medium Popcorn
Large Popcorn
Reel Combo 1 (Small Drink and Small Popcorn)
Reel Combo 2 (Med. Drink and Med. Popcorn)
Reel Combo 3 (Large Drink and Large Popcorn)
Couples Medium Combo (2 Med. Drinks and 1 Med. Popcorn)
Couples Large Combo (2 Large Drinks and 1 Large Popcorn)
Golden Gift Card ($25 Gift Card)