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GQT Hastings 4

GQT Hastings 4

GQT Hastings 4 delivers movies, munchies and memories with a focus in value, cleanliness and customer care. Featuring 4 screens with all digital projection and rocker seats. Doors open a half hour prior to first showing.
213 W State St
Hastings, MI 49058

Ticket prices

$5 Monday/Tuesday
All ages. All movies. All day.
Morning Matinee
All shows before 12pm
All shows 12pm - 6pm
Age 3 - 12
Age 62+
Grade or collegiate with valid ID
Active or veteran with valid ID
Adult Evening
All shows after 6pm
3D Experience
Additional surcharge
2 & Under
Must purchase ticket if child requires own seat

How to find us

213 W State St
Hastings, MI 49058
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