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Fathom Events provides storytellers the opportunity to deliver both live and pre-recorded entertainment on a global scale. GQT Movies has partnered with Fathom to bring this original content to the big screen at select locations! From familiar series like The Chosen, to live events and shows like the Met Opera and concerts, there is something for everyone. See featured films and participating locations below:

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Raiders of the Lost Ark (2023 Re-Release)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (2023 Re-Release)

2 hr 0 min

Indy (Harrison Ford) and his feisty ex-flame Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) dodge booby-traps, fight Nazis and stare down snakes in their incredible worldwide quest for the mystical Ark of the Covenant.

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Hairspray 35th Anniversary

Hairspray 35th Anniversary


Hairspray: It's Baltimore, 1962, and a rebellious teenager with the biggest bouffant on the block attempts to win the coveted "Miss Auto Show" crown as she fights against racial discrimination in this film created and directed by John Waters and featuring Divine in his/her last role.

National Lampoon’s Vacation 40th Anniversary

National Lampoon’s Vacation 40th Anniversary


The all-American Griswold family just wants to go on an all-American vacation. Everyone is packed. The route is planned ... And absolutely everything goes wrong as a simple trip quickly becomes a madcap cross-country odyssey and heroic quest in search of National Lampoon's Vacation. For the Clark W. Griswolds of Chicago, 50 weeks of work and routine will soon be rewarded with a fortnight of frenzied freedom. Mom and the kids would rather fly, but Dad (Chevy Chase) insists on driving west to Walley World. He's programmed everything on the family's PC--from tire wear to best routes, from choice sights to the finest AAA-recommended lodgings. With such planning everything should go right ... Wrong!! From director Harold Ramis and screenwriter John Hughes. 

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