Community Relations

GQT Movies is a proud member of your community and cares about the activities that make this such a great place to live. Company-wide, we generously donate in goods and services each year to fundraisers, events, and charities throughout our operation.

We try to accommodate all requests but we do have some parameters on how our program works. Take a look below for a guide on how to submit and how to qualify for a donation.

GQT Movies supports local businesses in the community. If you are a local business owner, we'd love to hear from you! Let's find a way to partner for a special event, private party, sponsorship or promotional opportunity that would serve our community. By working together, we can help make our community great!

  • A donation request letter is required and must include the group or entity requesting the donation, contact person, phone, and email information.
  • Qualifying groups include schools, churches, service or charitable organizations, non-profits.
  • Bring the donation request letter to your local theater and present it to our manager.
  • We will check to see there has been a duplicate request. If no duplicate donation has been issued, and you are a qualifying group, our staff will issue you an envelope with either a concession combo (2 medium drinks and a tub of popcorn) or two movie passes.
  • The film companies have restrictions on passing out free tickets so those are donated on a less frequent basis.
  • Your representative will sign the bottom of the letter as confirmation of receipt.
  • We only take in-person letter requests at our theater but we do issue the donation on the spot if your group qualifies as noted above.
  • Please limit requests to one per year.
  • Do not send multiple requests for the same fundraising initiative.
  • Ask for the manager when you drop off your donation request in-person to your local theater.
  • Be a patron of the movies.
  • Consider booking a group or event outing in the future.
  • Consider our fundraising options for your future efforts.


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