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GQT Movies Rewards™ Rules:

GQT Movies Rewards™ is free to join for those 16 or over. You can join by signing up here or at your nearest GQT Movies theater and then earn 250 bonus points after your first purchase!

To earn points, your card or account number must be presented before purchasing your tickets or concessions. Should you forget your card or phone, you can use your phone number to pull up your account in theater. Forgot both? No worries! Any visits missed can be added back by presenting your receipt at the next visit in-theater or reach out to

Members earn 5% on all tickets and concessions purchases. Points are NOT earned on purchases of gift cards, alcohol, party rooms or theater rentals. You will earn points if you are purchasing tickets or concessions with a gift card.

GQT Movies does not share personal information provided, but will use it to notify you of any additional offers, discounts.

GQT Movies reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

GQT Movies Rewards™ FAQs:

I'm having difficulty signing in or logging in for the first time?
When I sign up for GQT Movies Rewards™ with theater staff or online, can I start earning points and use my benefits immediately?
Will my points expire?
What can I spend my points on?
What can’t I earn or spend points on?
How will I know about promotions and special events?
I am not sure you have my birthdate or information right. How do I know you do?
How will points be added to my account?
Do I earn points when purchasing advance tickets online?
How can I see my current point totals?
I’ve lost my card! Now what?
It looks like I have less points than I had in the previous rewards program, what gives?!
What kind of personal information is required to sign-up for GQT Movies Rewards™?
Can I transfer the points to someone else? I would like to gift my friend all of my points.
I'm missing my points from my old account, what is going on?!
I don't see my question listed here.
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